LYRA [LYRE] is the antient musical instrument famous for its divine sound and unique shape. The sound is created by touch and it resounds in our souls, if we let it. By looking at lyre we expect to hear a harmony of sounds by which master musicians and bards used to share their talents and fill people’s lives with beauty.

LYRA [LYRE] symbolizes the components that make our chocolate a top quality. Our goals are becoming reality. We visit experienced cocoa growers at their plantations and choose the right ingredients for our chocolate. We try to understand the unbelievable complexity of chocolate making from planting a cocoa tree to picking out the best chocolate wrapper.

LYRA [LYRE] is a handmade chocolate. Our chocolate needs a human touch which represents trust. The language of trust reveals secrets and our goal is to reveal as many secrets of chocolate as we can.

LYRA [LYRE] wants to touch your senses. The nature fulfills your senses. It renews and reminds us we can’t leave her behind. That is why we choose natural products of the best quality: criollo cocoa and trinitario FINO DE AROMA which represents approximately 6% of the world cocoa production, cocoa from various parts of Colombia, cane sugar, natural vanilla, lyophilized fruit, saccharified petals, California almonds, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Morello cherries etc. with no food additives or preservatives.

LYRA [LYRE] is a being. It lives here, in the present moment and space. The work and effort given in the presence shapes its future. We shape the being that we all are a part of.