Lyra (Lyre) and chocolate. Modesty, balance, wisdom, elegance, love and fortune. The qualities we think of when making our chocolate. Our lyre-strings are ingredients that we choose with a great care, the first tunes come with our experience gained from cocoa farmers.

The main tones of our recipes are evoked by Criollo and Trinitario Fino de Aroma cacao, cane sugar, natural vanilla and California almonds. Now, as the art of the lyre player is the pure beauty so is our handmade chocolate that does not need any chemicals or aromatic substances.

Final chocolate is a great composition where the nature meets a human wit and the sense for aesthetic packaging.

My team and I believe that you will love our composition, our song named Lyra Chocolate. Whether you choose dark or milk, hot or gift chocolate, we assure you our tones will always be harmonic.


Karol Styblo